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About Us

Baby You Women's Wellness Services offers an array of services to support women through all stages of life, and to nurture and serve them as they nuture and serve those around them. We believe that women are the cornerstone of healthy, balanced families and communities, and we are experts at helping women to stay healthy, active and strong.

We offer Pre and Postnatal Doula Services, Massage Therapy, Health and Fitness Education and Training, and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consulting.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your wellness needs and goals, and develop a health and wellness strategy just for you and your unique lifestyle.


Upper Marlboro, MD


By Appointment Only


[email protected]

Learn more about Doula work, certification and education. Visit

What is a Doula?

A doula is a professional labor, birth and postnatal support person. Certified doulas have extensive training and knowledge about pregnancy, labor and birth, recovery from birth, breastfeeding and other feeding techniques, new baby care, mother care, and support techniques for the family's transition after birth. A doula provides informational, emotional and physical support to the mother (and partner) in bringing a new person into the world. Unlike nurses, midwives, or physicians who have clinical responsibilities, and typically multiple patients, a doula remains by the mother's side providing continuous comfort and support. A doula is a knowledgeable, compassionate support person who will assist and support you in having a birth experience that is empowering and satisfying, and one that brings a new person into the world with the love, security, and respect deserved by all beings.

Why Hire a Doula?

  Doulas are an invaluable support during the often unpredictable events of pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum adjustment. A doula is not a replacement for other support people, such as a spouse, partner, or family member, but rather an objective and knowledgeable assistant who remains calm during the intense moments while offering coping strategies, comfort measures, educational, physical, mental and emotional support to mother and those closest to her. A doula's perspective is based on a vast education of the scope of 'normal' within the process of labor and birth and postpartum, which enables her to give reassurance when things might seem too intense, frightening, or overwhelming to the mother or partner. Doulas have numerous methods and techniques for easing the pain of contractions and helping a mother cope with the pace and transitions of labor, or the stress of an upset baby. She has a sound clinical knowledge of pregnancy, labor, birth, and infant care, and can help in developing a plan that honors the family's beliefs and desires for bringing a child into the world and creating a nurturing environment for baby once home.

A doula is an indispensible tool when parents need help interpreting what is happening during labor and birth, or when transitioning home with baby, and need to make decisions when things happen differently than expected.

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