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Service Packages

*Massage Therapy and Bodywork Sessions offered at Baby You Women's Wellness Spa. Services may be provided in your home for an additional travel fee*

Relaxation Massage: $85

60 minute session

Soothing Swedish and Lomi Lomi massage techniques (or Reiki, JinShin-Do or Cranial-Sacral) to sooth tired and sore muscles and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. 

Therapeutic Massage: $125

90 minute session

Therapeutic Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu, Trigger-Point and Myo-Fascial Release massage techniques to address chronic pain and discomfort and musculoskeletal misalignment issues and over-use and repetitive stress syndromes, relieving pain and improving energy and ease of movement. 

Prenatal Massage: $110

75 minute session

Massage is a great stress and pain relieving treatment for mother's to be looking to relieve the aches, pains and discomforts of pregnancy without using medication. The relaxation and stress reducing benefits of massage can help mothers cope better, and progress more easily, during labor and delivery; and happy, healthy, relaxed moms tend to give birth to happier, healthier, more relaxed and content babies. Receiving a prenatal massage from a certified doula and prenatal-certified massage therapist will ensure that body positions, techniques, and therapeutic pressure and treatment modalities you receive are safe and appropriate for different phases of your pregnancy. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of your treatment, please discuss massage therapy treatment with your OB/GYN or Midwife to receive medical clearance.  

Hot Stone Reflexology and Accupressure Massage: $145

90 minute session

Allow the warmth and gentle but focused weight and pressure of warmed stones melt away tension and assist your body in releasing chronic tightness and areas of blocked or restricted energy or metabolic circulation and flow. Utilizing ancient principles of Chinese Medicine, along with current Western Medical Knowledge of Lymphatic Flow, Oxygen and Blood Exchange, and Nutrient Absorption and Metabolic Principles, Hot Stone Massage utilizes specific dynamic and static wieght and pressure to improve the health and well-being of the spirit, mind and body for a healthy and balanced life.

Spa Treatments: $65 ($40) *when purchased with a massage session*

Salt or Sugar Scrubs, Hand/Foot Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Paraffin Dip

Labor and Birth Doula Support Services

Basic Labor Support: $1000

  • Birth planning consultation
  • 3rd trimester follow-up and birth plan finalization
  • On-call support 24 hours a day from 36 weeks until delivery
  • 1-3 hours post-birth support to include breastfeeding support
  • Phone consultation postpartum follow-up

Basic Labor Support Plus: $1250

  • All services included in Basic Labor Support Package
  • Accompany on birthing center/hospital tour, or one Wellness Consultation
  • In-home postnatal visit

Labor Support Plus Great Start Home Care: $1500

  • All services included in Basic Labor Support Plus Package
  • 3 Wellness Consultations
  • 1 additional in-home postnatal visit

Postnatal Doula Support Services

Monthly Postnatal Support Service:

*prices based on a 4 hour visit per day, longer visits and overnight require an additional fee*

  a) 2 days per week: $1600 ($1450 for Labor Support Clients)

  b) 3 days per week: $2400 ($2150 for Labor Support Clients)

  c) 4 days per week: $3200 ($2750 for Labor Support Clients)

* Additional hours per visit: $40 per hour

*Overnight (after 6pm and before 8am) additional $25 per hour 

Health and Wellness Consultations

Wellness Consultations and Coaching Services:

Fitness Assessment and/or Alignment and Range of Motion consultation combined with exercise education and program prescription to improve overall health and wellness, strength, body composition and stamina. Modalities used include traditional body weight exercises (to include Yoga and Pilates), and home exercise equipment (to include balls, bands, free-weights, etc) and aquatic therapy in client pool if available.

8 Session Package: $550

12 Session Package: $650

Session are 60 minutes. Sessions must take place within 90 days of purchase. Unused sessions will be forfeit after 90 days unless prior arrangements have been made.

Scheduling, Payment and Service Policies:

A 50% deposit is required to retain Doula services, with the remainder due in payments of 25% at 23 weeks, and remaining balance at, or within 7 days of, delivery. 

All other services must be paid for in full at time of service.

48 hour notice is required to change or cancel massage therapy or wellness consultation/coaching sessions, full session fees will be charged for a missed appointment or cancellation with less than 48 hours notice

Baby You Women's Wellness Services is proud to offer a 25% discount to military families (50% for families of deployed service members).

Doula Services may be available at a reduced fee for families qualifying for WIC. 

Please call or e-mail for scheduling options.